Rossocinabro Gallery: «Cultural Differences»

Group exhibitions: «Cultural Differences»
Date: February 23 – March 23, 2022
Rome (Italy)

Rossocinabro Gallery: Cultural Differences

ABOUT: «Cultural Differences»
Rossocinabro is pleased to present a group exhibition entitled “Cultural Differences”. The show opens February 23rd and continues through March 23rd, 2022. The choice of the title for this exhibit is curiously interesting. For these artists, the concept of Cultural Differences arose from of their idea of personal knowledge and their realization about the nature of differences between each of us. The concept of Cultural Differences is a pure illusion. In their search for their cultural identities, I saw the absurdity of trying to describe a spiritual human in short sentences. These artists discovered the new exciting way of expressing their self through art. The Art gives them the freedom to choose their ways to deliver their message. Freedom of artistic expression will no more be restrained by logic it will convey our meaning or thought.

Only with respect to the Cultural uniqueness of every human can we discover true answers to core questions of our life, see the much greater truth about other people, cultures, and even about ourselves.

We hope that you will be able to meet these works of fascinating artists and share their visions of the future of respect to our cultural uniqueness seen behind doors of Cultural Differences. They come from: Europe, UK, USA, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, China, Center and South America, Canada.