Born in Spain, Peter Zarkob has a degree in Information Sciences from the Advertising department of University of Seville. From the beginning, Zarkob specialized in the creation of logos and corporate identity manuals, embodying the philosophy and personality of his clients in simple and geometric designs.

This journey towards minimalism enabled him to apply his experience to advertising campaigns in which he used the same technique: striking images that caught the viewer’s attention in the shortest possible time, while transmitting the personality of the company and the interest in the product.

Now focused on minimalist photography, his work seeks to provoke a strong visual impact on the viewer while transmitting his thoughts and feelings.

From the figurative to the abstract, Peter Zarkob’s artwork is very personal, attracts and traps at the same time, hints at feelings, introduces us to his history, takes us to unique settings, envelops us in his atmosphere.

E-mail: info@peterzarkob.com

Peter Zarkob

Minimalist photographer